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Hi Andy, I just sent you the trial. Check it out and let me know if you have any question.


Trish Voreplied to: RE: Trial

Yes, please give us your email address so we can send the trial version.


Trish Voreplied to: RE: Vacation time tracking

Hi Alice, At this time, WorkControl Timesheet does not have feature to track employee's vacation and sick leave hours. If you need any customization,...


Trish Voreplied to: RE: Disable Task

Hi Eric, you can go to your database, looking for WorkControl_Task_Tasks table and change the task disabled value to false, so that task can be displa...


Trish Voreplied to: RE: Document attachment

Hi Alan, - You can attach document to each task by click on Edit task >> choose the Attachments tab >> Add new attachment - If your user...



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